Telling Tall Tales 
Joshua the Giant Frog
4 Key Ingredients

Set the Scene  
what kind of day is it, what is going on.  Start with action.

Create Characters
Who does Joshua meet? 
Cause Trouble
Joshua could cause trouble or there might be a problem when he arrives.

Let Joshua Save the Day
How does Joshua's size and power make things better?
Stretch the Truth

He was as fast as...

He was bigger than a ...

His GARRUMPH was so loud it... 

Here are a few of the stories from recent visits –

    Oakfield-Alabama Elementary, Oakfield, NY

Joshua's Back for Summer
by the 4th graders

        Amora wiped sweat from her forehead and said, "Time to jump in the pool     before the sun sets."
        "Stop," Sophia said, when she noticed all the water was gone. 
        Amora grabbed a hose, Sophia grabbed a bucket, and Dominic brought a fire     truck.  As the pool filled, the firetruck tipped. "Ahhh!" screamed Dominic. 
        "Quick," said Bailey. "Call Joshua."
        The minute Joshua the Giant Frog heard his name he was already half way      there. In one mighty leap he jumped from Texas to Amora's backyard landing     on top of the truck.  "Ahhh!" said Dominic who peeked from under Joshua's     foot. 
        As fast as Usain Bolt at the Olympics, Joshua leaped up, flicked out his     tongue and saved Dominic. The truck snapped in two and a flood of water taller     than a rocket ship filled the pool.  Everyone jumped in and cheered, "Thank     you."

the end

    [P.T.: Great job kids. This was a fun story. Have fun extending it.]

   Joshua v.s. the Snow Fleas   
by 3rd graders

        Camden took off his winter coat and basked in the sunshine. Polina asked,     "Aren't you coming in to school?"
        "I think Camden has the right idea," said Shane as he flopped down next to     him in  the snow bank.. The whole class did too. 
        Mrs. J-S ran outside. "What are you doing? Get inside." 
        Just then Camden started to itch. Shane started to itch, and Mrs. J-S     started to itch. "Ahhh. It's Snow Fleas!" said Cyrus. The more the snow fleas     nibbled, the bigger they grew. They grew larger than a school bus. 
        Ahhh!" said Jackson, as he ran around the school. 
        Ada said, "Dance the snow dance. Maybe they will go away."
        Call Joshua," said, Chantelle. And suddenly they heard, Boom, Boom, BOOM! 
        Joshua the Giant Frog flicked out his tongue faster than a light switch and     slurped up every giant snow flea. 
        Everyone was still itchy, and scratching and rolling in the snow. 
        Joshua took his tongue and licked each person. Like magic the itch went     away. 
        "Hooray!" they cheered and ran inside for school. 

the end

    [P.T. :  This was a funny story. I loved the giant snow fleas, and Camden not         wanting to go into school. ] 

    Caledonia-Mumford Elementary School, Caledonia, NY

The Hottest Summer Ever
by 2nd and 3rd graders

        James wiped sweat from his forehead and complained, "This is the hottest     day of the summer." 
        "Don;t overreact," Abby said as she swung on the swing set.
        "Ouch!" Carley cried. "My skin is redder than a robin's belly." 
        "I can top that," said Ivan. "My knees are redder than Darth Vader's light     saber. 
        In the heat, insects buzzed. Hundreds of insects. Thousands came. More     insects than would equal the weight of a blue whale. 
        Suddenly, "Boom, Boom, BOOM!" Joshua the Giant Frog loomed over the     playground. 
        "Ah!" said James. "The shade is so cool." 
        "Uh Oh!" said Austin. "Look!" The school roof drooped.  The walls sagged.        Austin yelled, "It's melting."
        As fast as a cheetah, Joshua leaped into the pond. Cool water shot up taller     than a hundred giraffes standing on each other's heads.  The water coated the     melting building, and Joshua slurped up every bug and gave a happy, satisfied     Burp.

    The End. 

    [ PT:  I loved all of the exaggeration, especially Ivan's Darth Vader's light         saber. Great Job!]

Keshequa Primary School, Dalton, NY 

​  Joshua and the Biggest Birthday Blunder

by 2nd and 3rd Graders

        Bright blue and orange balloons bounced in the air as Gillian skipped into school.  Tyler     carried a cake taller than the Empire State Building into the classroom.  In green letters     it said, "Happy Birthday," 
        Gillian said, "Joshua is going to love his cake."
        Tyler nodded. "Oooops!" The cake tipped froward.  It tipped back.  It keeled over.     "SPLAT!"
        "AHHH!" McKenzie screamed as green frosting buried her and Quinn. Mountains of     cake filled the room. Brooks ran in with a Birthday card and slipped in icing. He slid all     the way out the window.  
        All the cake triggered the fire alarm. "Ring!"  And set the pack of candles on fire.     Flames higher than the moon shot up through the ceiling. 
        Joshua, who was taking a bath in his pond, heard the alarm. As fast as the Flash       Joshua jumped into action sending a flood of water 100 miles in the air dousing the     flames.  
        As Brooks fell, Joshua hurried beneath him, and Brooks slid safely down his back. 
        In one mighty slurp Joshua gulped the cake freeing McKenzie and Quinn. 
    "Thank you," they said wiping slobber off their faces. 
        Joshua smiled. It was the best Birthday ever. 

The End

    (P.T. : This was such a fun story.  You all did a wonderful job.  Have fun revising it.)

John Kennedy Intermediate School, Batavia, NY

How Chase Got Unstuck
by the 3rd Grade

    Snow fell like tiny gem stones onto Serenity's shoulders as she walked by herself to school.  
      "Help!" called Chase who was stuck in the ice of the pond.  
    Serenity threw a rope to Chase, but that didn't work. 
    Aydan hauled a giant fireplace to melt the ice, but that didn't work. 
    Nolan called "Joshua!" 
    Suddenly the earth shook. Joshua the Giant Frog leaped to the rescue. He slammed his head on the ice and it shattered sending fragments higher than the space station.  As fast as the Flash, Joshua's tongue zipped out and grabbed Chase.  
    Soggy and sloppy with frog spit, Chase said, "Thank you!"

The End

[Peggy says -- Great job guys. I liked that we used the "magic 3" and how the ice went as high as the space station. Now it's your turn to add to the story and make it better.]  

Joshua's Rescue: The Battle of the Birds

by the 2nd Grade

    Danica skipped to school carrying presents and Christmas cookies for all her friends. Slipping on the ice, the cookies flew up in the air.  
    A flock of birds swooped down and carried off Danica along with the crumbs. 
    "Shoo!" yelled Meziah, flapping his arms. But the seagulls carried Danica even higher. 
    Lucas ran to the airport and hopped in a plane, but the seagulls and Danica were out of sight. 
    Josephine flew up on her magic carpet and spotted Danica on the Batavia sky scraper. Josephine radioed to Wesley her coordinates, and Wesley called for Joshua.
    Suddenly the earth shook. "boom, Boom, BOOM!"
    A giant wall of green appeared on the horizon. 
    Danica let out a piercing "Ahhhhhh!" scaring the seagull.  He let go and Danica fell. 
    Joshua, faster than the fastest jet swooped down .  Danica slid on his back to safety.  

The End

[Peggy says --This was a fun story.  Now you can write about the celebration that happens next..]  

​The Christmas Treat Tragedy

by the 4th Grade

    Liam carried birthday treats to school. Snow floated all around. "Rumble, Grumble." His stomach was empty, so Liam chowed down on 1...2...3...4 treats. Just then a snow plow plowed Liam in. 
    Buried beneath a mountain of snow, he ate the rest of the treats. 
    Carter turned the corner and slammed into the giant snow pile. 
    "Ouch!"  said Liam. 
    Suddenly a tower of green slime bounced down the street. 
    "No, don't Joshua!" Parris yelled as Joshua jumped head first into the heap of show sending Liam like a rocket shooting into space.  Joshua the Giant Frog blasted off and Liam landed safely on his back.  But... "Rumble, grumble." Liam vomited more treats than students at J.K. Intermediate. -- [But now he was hungry again!!]

The End

[Peggy says --We teased Liam a lot in this story.  I added the last bit as a possible ending. But you can add your own.  Have fun!]

Wayland-Cohocton Elementary School

Joshua's Perfect Painting
  By the 
3rd and 4th grades

Kahn slurped up her cereal so she wouldn't be late for the school bus.  She was excited because today Tuesday, was the author/art show.
At school, she met Philip setting up his painting.  Suddenly the earth shook.        Kaitlynn screamed, "AAHHHHHH!"
Kiahna laughed. "It's just Joshua coming," she said.
Joshua, as fast as a bullet, jumped into view.  His feet that were as large as UFOs landed on top of Philip's painting.  
Shyliah was so surprised that smoke came out of her ears.  The smoke alarm went off. "BAHHAAHHHH!" The sprinklers soaked everyone. 
Dakota slipped and fell in a river of red, green and blue. Like a hyperjet, Dakota whooshed toward the sewer. 
Joshua the Giant Frog flicked out his tongue faster than a rocket blaster, grabbed Dakota and dropped him safely next to his friends. 
"Thank you," he said.  
Just then the art judge came by and saw the lovely river of color and said, "That's a first place painting. Congratulations to all of you."

The End

Joshua and the Missing Book

By the 2nd Graders 

Brandon tripped over his vampire cape walking to school. Minnie Mouse (Maelee in disguise) helped the vampire picked up his books. 
"Uh Oh! Where is my library book?" Brandon asked. 
A scarecrow pointed down the sewer "It went down there," he said.  The book floated out of sight. 
"How are we supposed to get down there?" Minnie Mouse asked.
Just then they  heard, "GARRUMPH!" 
"It's Joshua," said Tinkerbelle. 
As fast as a roadrunner, Joshua the Giant Frog dug a hole as deep as the ocean to get the book. But it floated away faster than a cheetah after prey. 
Olivia, the black cat, flicked her whiskers and said, "I know where that goes, and started to run.  Joshua followed, with all the kids on his back, to the swamp.  
The book sank.
Joshua dove under. The vampire, Tinkerbelle, scarecrow, Minnie Mouse and the black cat hung on tight.
The vampire grabbed his soggy book before a nasty snapper ate it, and they all rose to the surface.  
Back at school the vampire handed Mrs Walker his library book. Slimy seaweed dripped off of it .  "At least it's not late," he said.

The End.  

Neil Armstrong Elementary School

Joshua Rebuilds the Neil Armstrong School
by the 
2nd and 3rd Graders

Ethan gathered his equipment for his special science project.  All the other kids rushed in and gathered round. Serenity said, "I love science Friday at school." 
"BOOM!" The classroom shook. Ethan's test tubes rattled.  
"AHHHH!" screamed Ryan. Everyone ran out the door. Brooklyn led the way.  Suddenly they ran into a wall of green. Jayden bounced off the slimey green wall and toppled over 3 kindergarteners.  
A round yellow eye as big as an elephant blinked at them. And a hand, the size of a mountain reached out and grabbed Isabella, and stepped on the school.
Isabella said, "Oh Joshua. Now look at the mess you made." 
Bricks flew as high as the moon.  Neil Armstrong caught one of the bricks.  "Hey," he said, "My school must be in trouble."  Neil called Red. "Hurry!" he said, "Joshua is causing trouble. The school needs your help." 
By the time Red got to school the building was good as new. Cameron had talked to Joshua. "Please help us build our school." 
Quicker than a torpedo, Joshua's tongue flicked up each brick and put them in place. 
Serenity said, Frog slime makes great brick glue." 

The End

Oak Orchard Elementary, Medina, NY

Joshua Saves the Day
by the 
3rd Graders

Crash! Boom! 

"The thunder is getting closer," said TJ as he looked out the classroom window. "I wish I could go home," he said as the lightning flashed in the night sky. 

"Don't worry," said TJ's teacher. "You're mom will be here soon with your costume." Just as she said that, TJ saw a ghostly ghoul run up the sidewalk followed by a hip hop dancer. 

Crash!! Lightning struck the roof. Five bats flew out. The wind swirled Amelia and her hip hop radio up into the air.

"I'll save you," said Ryleigh, jumping into the tornado.

The earth shook under TJ's feet. Distant screaming told him that Joshua the Giant Frog was near. TJ hollered, "Joshua, help us!" as the roof ripped off and TJ flew into the air. 

Joshua, who was dressed as a ninja turtle, flicked out his tongue as fast as an American falcon (that can go up to 200 miles an hour), and grabbed TJ,Amelia, and Ryleigh, put them on his back and hopped to the gym where zombies served "brain punch" and The Flash played the accordian. 

Wiping off the frog slime, TJ said, "Thank you, Joshua. You saved the day."

The End  

Joshua Jam
by the 
2nd Graders

The sun glinted through red and golden leaves onto Myra's glasses making her squint as she skipped into school.  Suddenly a giant wall of green landed in front of the door. 

"AAAAHHH!" screamed Mackenzie as Joshua the Giant Frog landed on her foot. 

"The door's blocked," said Alex. "Push Joshua out of the way." 300 kids pushed, but Joshua did not move. The high school football team shoved too, but still Joshua did not move.The army showed up with tanks, but that didn't work. 

Jayla said, "I can do it." All the soldiers laughed. 

Jayla said, "Joshua, would you please move."  Joshua the Giant Frog leaped as high as an airplane and out of sight. "Thank you!" they all cheered. 

The End  

Plattekill Elementary, Wallkill, NY

The Field Day Gone Wrong
by the 
4th Graders

The green grass looked thick and inviting as Antoine and the others ran out for Field Days. 
Boom, BOOM, BOOM! The earth shook like an earthquake. Richard hid under the picnic table, while Paige screamed, "AHHH!" and ran in circles. A tsunami of green raced closer. Trees crashed to the ground pinning the whole 4th grade under a crypt of wood and leaves. 
All the teachers rushed to help, but the trees were too heavy to move.  
Sylvanius said, "On the count of 3 everyone push."
"Errr!" The pile did not budge. 
Jasmine, in a loud voice, called out, "Joshua!"
Joshua the Giant Frog gobbled up all the leaves as fast as a black hole. Then he flicked out his tongue and plucked up the trees like chicken wing bones off a plate, and flung them all the way to the North Pole. 
"We're free!" they all cheered. "Thank you!" 

The End

P.T.-- I loved working with you on this. You had lots of fun ideas, and worked well together. 

Joshua Saves Olivia
the 2nd & 3rd Graders

Olivia had on her brand new neon blue shorts as she raced to the swing set at Plattekill Elementary School. She wiped sweat from her forehead. 
"Hi," said Devon. "It sure is hot out this summer." 
Suddenly the sky grew dark.  Geeta trembled. "Www...what's happening?"
The earth shook. Olivia fell off the swing. Thud!
Then there was an even bigger THUD!  Joshua the Giant Frog landed right on top of the maple tree. "Yuck!" he said. Maple sap dripped off of his nose. 
Joshua noticed Olivia on the ground. As fast as an animatronic fox, Joshua's tongue flicked out, grabbed Olivia and set her on her feet. 
"Thank you," she said, wiping sticky sweet slime off her face. 
Everybody climbed on board for a ride. Devon said, "This is the best playground ever."
The End

P.T. -- Great details. Love the neon blue pants and the animatronic fox. 

Indian Landing Elementary, Penfield, NY

Danger At Open House
the 2nd and 3rd Graders

The sun began to disappear behind the hill at Indian Landing. 
Ava walked with her parents excited for Open House. "What's that?" she asked, stooping down to pick up a glowing necklace. 
Jaubert gasped.  "That's magic," he said. And suddenly the lights went out. 
Thodora screamed, "AHHHH!"
Parker rattled the door. "It's locked," he said.
Nervously Ava rubbed the glowing green necklace. It began to hum. The hum grew to a Garrummph, Garrummph, GARRUMMPH!
The earth shook. As fast as a comet. Joshua the Giant Frog bashed in the door and set everyone free. 
"Hooray!" they all cheered. 

P.T. -- Hi kids. You did a great job with this story in the short time we had.  Did anyone notice that I spelled Hooray wrong? I finally did.  Now you can add to the story and make it even more exciting.  I wonder what that necklace was all about. Where did it come from? How did it know to call Joshua?  Have fun with it. 

Mullen Elementary, Tonawanda, NY

Joshua Saves St. Patty's Day

By the 
2nd and 3rd Graders

A bolt of lightning lit up the classroom making the sparkly shamrocks twinkle. 
The lights went out. 
Morgan's knees shook. "I'm scared," she said. 
ZAP! The outlet sparked and caught fire.  "Ahhhhhh!" Alex screamed.  
Morgan said, "Put all your green hats on the pole and we'll wave it for help."
Boom, BOOM, BOOM! The earth shook. Joshua the Giant Frog hopped into sight.  
"Please put out the fire," said Angelina. 
Faster than an Olympic finger-snapper snapping her fingers, Joshua flicked out his tongue and grabbed Morgan, Angelina, and Alex to safety.
Then he jumped into the Erie Canal and sprayed the fire out. 
"Thank you!" They all cheered. 

The End

Prattsburgh Elementary, Prattsburgh NY

Joshua's April Fool's Day

By the 
3rd and 4th Graders

Curtis said, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Marissa smiled. "To get to the other slide!" They all laughed. "It's going to be a great April Fool's Day," she said, walking into class. 
"Hey," said Jada, "Where is the fish?"
Bryce ran to the cafeteria and looked in the dishwasher. "Not in there," he said. "But there is a lot of water." 
Mr. T. splashed in. The water was up to his knees. 
The room shook. Cracks snaked up the wall. Water sloshed as high at Mount Everest.
Andrei grabbed a bucket and put it on his head, while Curtis swam as fast as a Lamborghini with a lightning rocket. 
As Liberty surfed a wave on top of a table, she screamed, "There's a giant eye in the window!"
As fast as a sonic pig, Joshua flicked out his tongue and nabbed Curtis, Marissa,  Mr. T, and the others. 
"Yuck!" Liberty said, wiping slime off her face, "We're on his nose."
"At least we're safe," Mauricio said. "But what about the fish?"
As Joshua slurped up the water, Mr. T. looked in his coffee cup. "I found him."
Joshua smiled. "Garrumph. Garrumph. Happy April's Fools!"

P.T. -- It was fun writing this story with you. I liked all of the dialogue. Have fun rewriting, and adding to it. 

Springville Elementary, Springville NY

By the 4th Graders

Joshua and the Pool Party

Riley opened the window and reeled from the hot blast of sticky, sweaty air. Good thing she was having a pool party today. But when Leiann showed up with a pan of brownies, she screamed, "Where is all the water?" 
Just then a giant green tongue zipped out faster than the flash of a camera and snatched up the brownies and Lieann.
"Ahhh!" screamed Zack as Leiann disappeared into Joshua's mouth.. And zip!  Zack disappeared too. 
Riley came outside. "Where is everyone?"
Jorielle ran up and waved her arms in front of Joshua. "Eat me," she said. 
"Are you crazy?" Joey asked. 
"No," said Jorielle. "The more he eats he'll get a stomach ache and throw up." 
Bri grabbed a handful of hamburger and rubbed it all over her face. With one sniff and a flick, she was gone too.
Everyone started rubbing food all over themselves, and Joshua had a feast. 
"BELCH!!" Louder than a nuclear bomb, Joshua burped. Then like a baseball pitching machine, Bri, Zack, Lieann, and all the others shot out. 
The last thing Joshua threw up was all the water from the pool. It was crystal clear, and they all jumped in. 

This was a fun story to write. You had lots of great ideas, and shared them well.  Keep writing! -- P.T.

Joshua Celebrates St. Patty's Day

By the 4th and 5th Graders

Cierra skipped out of school with green shamrock antennas blinking in her hair. 
Are you going to the parade?" asked Hannah.
"Yes," Cierra said. 
Someone else was getting ready for the parade too.  He grabbed his sparkly green top hat which was really the giant shake sign from the Springville Milk Shake Shop.  The people inside screamed as Joshua the Giant Frog leaped off to join the parade. 
"Shoes!" he thought, and slipped each foot into a green Toyota, Ford, Honda and Chevy. 
"A beard!" he thought, and slurpped up every neighborhood dog as fast as Michael Phelps in a swimming pool, and stuck them on his chin. 
Everyone in town ran after him. 
 "Rover, Rover!" screamed Tyler.
"Mom!" Anna cried as Mom hung out of the Chevy window. 
When Cierra got to the parade starting point, she frowned as everyone raced past. "They started without me!"

This was one of the most imaginative stories I've written with students. I love the image of Joshua simply going about his business in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  This would be fun to illustrate.  -- P.T. 

Joshua and the St. Patrick's Day Rumble
By the 3rd Graders

Sparkly green shamrocks decorated every classroom door as Janelle and her friends hurried to finish their homework. 
Ian finished first. "Let the party begin," he cheered. 
"GARRUMPH!!!" rattled down the hallway. Lockers crashed to the floor. 
"AHHH!" Audrey screamed and ran into the classroom. All went black.       "Crash!" 
"What was that?" asked Maria from under her desk. 
The walls shook like an avalanche of boulders hit the school. Cracks snaked down the wall revealing Joshua's glossy green hide.
Skye panicked and ran back and forth.
"Stop running," said Sabrina, "and push instead."
They all leaned on Joshua's feet. He didn't budge. 
"The party is ruined," moaned Ian. He blew a party horn and Joshua shivered. "That's it." Ian and everyone grabbed a noise maker or party horn and blew them all at once. It sounded like a dinosaur in a tornado. 
It worked. Joshua shuddered. Joshua shivered. Joshua shook the school off and leaped to safety. 
"Hooray!" they cheered. 
Ian brought out the shamrock cake and said, "This is our lucky day." 

I know Ian wasn't keen on being concerned about the party, but in the end he saved the day. I liked the similes you came up with in this story. Keep writing. -- P.T.

Joshua - Zombie Slayer

By the 5th Graders

Jeff lit another candle and locked the last lock on the school door. "I hope the Zombies can't get in here," he said. 
A gurgle reverberated up the hallway. "It's louder than my Dad's snoring," Colin thought. 
But it was a zombie dog leering at Destiny. 
Crash! The floor in front of the office collapsed, and a hand rose up. It was a giant green hand. Joshua the Giant Frog leaped out and as fast as a racecar, his tongue snatched the zombie and swallowed it whole. 
We're safe, they thought. 
Or are we....

I'm sorry we were short on time, but this story could definitely be expanded. I like the DUN DUN DUH! factor at the end.  Have fun with it. 
-- P.T. 

Mr. Joshua Saves the Bus

By the 3rd Graders

Hannah wiped the rain from her glasses as she headed into school.     Stepping into a puddle, Tyler moaned, "Oh no. Now we won't have recess." 
"Sure we will," said Brayden. "Mr. Joshua loves the rain."
As Brayden, Tyler and Hannah waited in class, they heard a screech that was louder than a herd of elk stuck in a photo booth. "What was that?" Brayden asked. 
"A school bus has driven off the road," said Nicolina.
Tyler raced to Mr. Joshua's room. "Hurry!" he said. 
A giant wall of green bounded out of school heading for the school bus. 
The rain whooshed down the street carving out a waterfall. The bus teetered and the water washed it away. 
"AHHH!" yelled Christopher from the bus window. "Save us!"
As fast as your mind on the bullet train, Mr. Joshua's tongue flicked and grabbed the bus before it plunged over the edge. 
It had rained so much that frogs fell from the sky. 
Joshua smiled. He thought, "Where will I put all these new froggy students?"

This was the first story that had Joshua as a teacher in the school. I liked that , and I loved the simile of the herd of elk stuck in the photo booth. That was the perfect screeching sound we needed.  And we managed to get the raining frogs thing in there too. You did a great job on this. Keep Writing. - P.T. 

St. Joseph's School, Batavia, NY

By the 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders

The Best Fieldtrip Ever

Ben looked out the bus window as it pulled out of the school parking lot. The kids sounded louder than a hundred elephants as they talked about what animals they would see at the zoo.  
As they rumbled down Main St., Owen heard a Pop! Flub, flub, flub, and the bus pulled over.  
"Hey," May said. We're still moving. She waved at Mrs. Fischer who was running after the bus.  
"Ahhhh!" Rebeka screamed.  
Amanda said, "I wish Joshua was here."
"Garrrmph!" The earth shook. Buildings cracked and a giant wall of green as big as the sun appeared in the road. 
The bus rammed into Joshua harder than a tornado. The kids flew in the air. As fast as a thousand racecars, Joshua's tongue picked each child out of the sky.
"EEEW!" Maylee said, swiping goo off her face. "Hey, we're at the zoo."
A tiger roared, saw Joshua and fainted. 
"Thank you!" everyone cheered.

This was a great story. I especially like all of the similes you put in. Now you can fill it in with more detail - like the bus driver and teacher got out of the bus to check on the tire. -- and make it even more exciting. Keep Writing! - P.T.

Lindbergh Elementary, Kenmore, NY
the 3rd Graders

Balloons billowed in the sunshine as the children got off the bus. George wrote in his journal, "99% happy, it's Author Day!"
"FFFHHHSSSTT!!!" And the walls shook. 
"Ok," Joe said, rolling his eyes, "There is a giant frog in the room. Something is going going crazy."  
As the bricks tumbled around him Joshua the giant frog looked for the author. 
"Ahhhh!" Sofia screamed and fainted.
"Joshua," said Aidan, shaking his finger. "You shouldn't do that."
The lights went out.
Samantha calmly hid under her desk while everyone ran around knocking each other over. 
"Pop. Pop. Pop!" 
"Ah! fireworks," said Ritchie.
"Do you SEE fireworks?" asked Willem
Joshua flicked his tongue faster than a cheetah, knocking the wall down. Light flooded in.
"Hooray!" they all cheered. 

*** Great job everyone. Sorry we didn't have more time to finish the story. On your own, you can add more detail. Tie up loose ends (like what happened with the Author???), and wake up Sofia who fainted!! -- P.T.

Potters Road Elementary, West Seneca, NY

Joshua Saves the Day
the 3rd and 4th Graders

The moon shone bright and the crickets chirped as the kids entered school. Disguised as students, two burglers snuck in. The wind whipped off one of their hoodies. 
"Hey," Jenna said. "They don't belong here."
The burglers ran inside and grabbed Rocky. 
"We need Joshua," said Shelby.
Suddenly they heard glass breaking and the earth shook. 
Joshua the Giant Frog's tongue flicked out as fast as a sonic blast and nabbed the burglers, saving Rocky. 
"Hooray!" they all cheered.

The End
Hi guys! I'm sorry we didn't have more time to work on this story. I could tell that you all had wonderful ideas to share. Now you can add more detail and create the story you want to tell. Don't forget a few pictures.  -- P.T. 

Lewiston-Porter Intermediate School - Lewiston, NY

Joshua the Giant Frog TWO
The Young Authors groups 7-12

The school bus pulled out of the driveway while the windshield wipers flicked back and forth furiously. Snow blinded the driver and the kids shivered in their seats. 
Seth said, "I hope my experiment is alright. I don't want the chemicals to spill." 
Suddenly a dark shape loomed over the road. Natalie ducked under her seat and the driver hit the brakes. "Screech!" The bus careened left then right tossing science projects in the air. 
The earth shook. Boom, BOOM, BOOM!
Jeffery was frozen in fear while Ellie nervously squeezed her backpack. 
Thud!  Joshua the Giant Frog hit the windshield. Crack! 
Tona leaped over the seat and grabbed the driver pulling him free.  His Amazing Magical Medicine broke open spilling onto the frog.
In an instant the frog vanished. 
"It's gone," someone said.
"No, it's not," said Anthony, hopping off the bus. He scooped up a tiny, frightened frog. 
"We have to save him," said Natalie peeking out of her hiding place. 
"We have to put him back in the canal," said Joey. "To make him big again."
Just then the police arrived. The kids climbed in their car and shouted, "To the canal. Hurry!"
A tiny Joshua slipped into the canal and instantly his giant legs flopped over the sides. 
Joshua the Giant Frog gave a deep "Garrumph!" in gratitude.

The End

The Mysterious Pond
By the
Young Authors groups 1-6

The tulips bloomed along the road leading to school and the grass grew under the warm sunshine.  Jaden rushed to the pond. A mysterious ripple spread out from a green island that he'd never noticed before. 
"It's gone!" said Jaden as Ethan joined him. 
"What's gone?"
"The island."
Ethan said, "You're crazy."
Big bubbles blurped up making Alison scream and run. Alice pulled off her backpack and wadded in. 
Under water she came face to face with a big, bumpy , green wall -- with eyes!
Flailing and spraying water over everything, Alice rushed out. 
Then Mr. Auer stomped out and yelled, "What are you doing! get back to class. This pond is going to be drained." 
"There is just a fish in there," said Meghan. 
Mr. Auer didn't believe her. 
Willow grabbed his arm and turned him away just as Joshua the Giant Frog rose up out of the water. 
"There's a food fight," said Madison. And Mr. Auer hurried to break it up. 
"We can't let them ruin Joshua's pond," said Jaden. 
"How about digging a ditch," said Noah, and he grabbed his math book to shovel with. 
Alice poured her water bottle in. Allison lugged the jug of water and poured it in. Then a water truck came by.
Joshua hopped on top flooding water and pushing everyone into the lake. 
"Help us!" shouted Sophia.
And Joshua, as fast as a tornado, his tongue flicked out and scooped all the kids and plopped them on shore.  Dripping with frog spit, they all cheered. 

The end. 

DeSales Catholic School - Lockport, NY

Joshua and the Great Fire
the 4th and 5th graders

Crack! Lightning struck the flagpole outside DeSales.       Frankie jumped. "The sky is falling!"
"No," said Sam, but the flagpole shot through the window and landed on Mr. G's desk.  The still-hot pole ignited a pile of math tests.
Then wind whipped up rocks and pelted the kids and spread the fire.
"We need help," said Austin. "Joshua!" he called.
Stomp. STOMP. STOMP! The windows rattled. More papers caught fire. The room grew dark, and a giant eyeball peered in.  
Olivia said, "Help us!"
Joshua the Giant Frog hopped away. 
"Seriously?!?" said Rebecca. But a minute later Joshua was back.  He spit more water than Niagara Falls.  Hiss! The fire turned to smoke. Olivia started to cough. 
"We need to get out," Sam said. 
Joshua broke a window and all the kids climbed onto his back. He took them to his pond. 
"Hooray! We're saved," they cheered. 

The End

Adlai Stevenson Elementary, School #29 - Rochester, NY

Joshua and the Best 4th of July Fireworks Ever
by the 4th graders

Fire crackers popped and made Lyric jump as she ate her hotdog.  
Jah-quira said, “Uh oh, I feel rain.”  
BOOM! A flash of lightning struck the school. Sparks flew. “Fire! “Fire!” Aasahta yelled. “The school is burning.”
Then the earth shook. “Boom, Boom!”
“Is that more thunder?” asked Lyric.
“No,” said Jahmel, “It’s a tornado.”
“Help!” Aasahta screamed as the tornado picked her up and flung her high in the air.
Faster than a jet, Joshua the Giant Frog’s tongue flicked out and wrapped around Aasahta.
Slimy and gooey, Aasahta landed safely on the ground.  
Joshua leaped higher than a skyscraper and blew the storm clouds away.
“Now we have to put out the fire,” said Rayvonte. But Johsua had already slurped up a lakes-worth of water from the Genesee River and spit it out.  
“Shssshhh” The fire fizzled.  
Then Joshua grabbed the tail of the tornado and unwrapped it until it was a gentle breeze. 
“Hurray,” everyone shouted.  
Suddenly they heard, “Pop! Boom!” 
“Oh no,” said Rayvonte, “Not more thunder.”  
But Lyric smiled and pointed up at the best fireworks of the 4th of July.
The End.

P.T. - Great job, kids.  I liked the way you kept piling on the conflict - rain, fire, and then a tornado.  Let me know if you add to the story or illustrate it.  

Canaseraga Elementary - Canaseraga, NY

Joshua Saves the Day
by the 3rd and 4th graders

The sun sparkled on the dewy tulips as the kids walked to school.         Buster leaped out from behind a bush and knocked down Regan.  He laughed when all of her books flew up in the air and landed in the water.
Just then the earth shook.  A spray of water shot up as Joshua the Giant Frog hopped up on land.  He spit out Regan’s books and turned on Buster.
“Ahhh!” Buster ran for his life.  
As fast as a zebra being chased by a cheetah, Joshua’s tongue flicked out and grabbed Buster.
Slimy and gooey, Buster landed in Mr. Anderson’s office.  

The End.

P.T.: You all did a great job creating Joshua’s newest adventure.  We didn’t have time to figure out what happened to Regan, but you can do that by adding more detail, characters, or more problems.  Have fun with it! 

Leptondale Elementary - Wallkill, NY

Skipping School
by the 3rd and 4th Graders

The daffodils smiled as the kids entered the school.
“I’m tired,” said Giuseppe. “I wish I could go home and sleep.” 
“Me too,” said Teresa.
“Let’s go,” said Austin, as he ducked behind the bushes.  Teresa and Giuseppe followed.
Just then they heard music.  “It’s the ice cream truck,” said Teresa.
Giuseppe’s stomach grumbled.
While they licked their ice cream cones, Giuseppe said, “That ice cream guy looks creepy.” 
The man pulled off his mask and revealed a set of sharp teeth that drooled.
“Ahhhhh!” Teresa screamed. 
Then the ground shook.  “Boom,  BOOM, BOOM!” Joshua the Giant Frog jumped into view.  Austin said, “Joshua, save us!”
Joshua leaped onto the ice cream truck. “CRASH!”  The monster inside was trapped.  But Joshua was bleeding.  
Giuseppe piled ice cream bars on Joshua’s leg to stop the swelling.  
Austin took the monster’s mask and made a bandage.
Joshua gave a deep “Garrumph,” in thanks, and as fast as a T-rex, Joshua’s tongue flicked out and grabbed Giuseppe, Teresa and Austin.  Quicker than a cheetah they were standing in front of school.  
Slimy and gooey, they were happy to be back.  

The End

Ostrander Elementary School - Wallkill, NY

Joshua’s Friday the 13th
by the 3rd and 6th graders 

“Uh oh,” said Ryan. “It’s the 13th.”  He turned his mirrors around and headed for school.  
Ryan met Zach. “Wanna walk together?” asked Zach.
Just then a black cat scooted in front of them.  “Ahhhh!” Ryan ran.         A bolt of lightning arced across the sky.  Rain emptied out of the clouds. 
Hallee pulled out her umbrella and asked Zach, “What happened to your friend?”
“ZAP!”  Lightning hit a blueberry bush and it burst into flames.  Ryan flew out, his hair smoking.  More bushes caught fire. 
“It’s spreading to the woods!” yelled Billy. 
Then the earth shook.  “AHHH!" screamed Ryan again. 
They heard a big splash and a giant wall of green loomed over them. 
“Hurry Joshua!” Hailee said.  And as fast as a cheetah, Joshua the Giant Frog leaped into the Wallkill River and sucked up a mouthful of water bigger than a wave pool, and put out the fire. 
“Hooray!” they all cheered. 
Ryan patted his singed head and said, “I hate Friday the 13th.”

The End

Joshua to the Rescue
by the 4th and 5th graders 

The rain pelted the kids walking to school.  Umbrellas broke under the downpour.  The spring peepers leaped across the roads and sidewalks.  Keira tried to walk around them, but there were too many.
Ethan had a handful of frogs and stuffed more into his backpack.
Just then a falcon swooped down and grabbed Ethan and his frogs. 
Dan leaped up and grabbed Ethan’s ankles but the falcon was too strong.  Dan’s feet left the ground.
Sean picked up a rock and threw it at the falcon.  He missed. Ethan said, “OUCH!"
The falcon reared back its sharp beak aiming at Sean.  
Keira looked up to see something falling from the sky.  It was Joshua the Giant Frog leaping to the rescue.
Ethan and Dan rose higher.  Joshua slipped underneath them and gave a “Garrumph” as loud as a thunder clap.  It startled the falcon who loosened its grip.  Ethan wriggled free. 
What are you doing?” yelled Dan.  Now they were falling heavily to the ground.
“THUD!”  They landed safely onto Joshua’s back.  
Joshua landed right in front of the school.  Shaken, Ethan and Dan slid off Joshua’s back.
Keira was still miles away tip-toeing through the peepers.  
As fast as a mustang, Joshua’s tongue flicked out, grabbed Keira and plopped her next to Ethan and Dan.
Sean, who had fainted from his near death experience, was just coming to when a slimy, slippery Keira said, “Hooray!”
They all cheered and said, “Thank you, Joshua!”

The End

PT: You all did such a great job using your creativity, stretching the truth and being able to laugh at yourselves as characters in a story.  It was a pleasure working with you all!

North Rose-Wolcott Elementary

Joshua and the Great Egg
by the Third Graders

The daffodils waved in the warm breeze as children gathered Easter eggs around the school grounds.  
Abby called, "Hey, come here.  Look at this."  A mound of pink glowed in the dirt.
"Let's dig it out," said Autumn.
"Cool," said Will. "It's stuck!" he added with dirt on his hands.  
"If only Joshua was here," Josh said.
Just then they felt the earth tremble, and heard, "GARRUMPH!"
Josh said, "Please get this out."
Joshua the Giant Frog took a deep breath and blew!  
"AHHH!" They all yelled as dirt flew everywhere.  
When the dust settled, the pink egg hatched.  Tons and tons of chocolate fell out.  
The children raced to eat it, but before they could, Joshua's tongue 
flicked as fast as lightning and gobbled it all up.
The End

The Shadow Over North Rose-Wolcott Elementary
by the Fourth Graders

Cheyanne could barely see her feet it was so foggy.  Huge plops of rain fell on her school books.
Suddenly, a dark shadow loomed over her.  "Ahhh," she screamed.  
Fernando raced to her side.  They ran to school, but the door was locked.
The shadow grew bigger, and the earth shook.  Hail the size of bowling balls bounced all around.
More kids ran for shelter.  They cried for help.
Then as fast as the speed of sound, the rain stopped.  The hail stopped.  The fog lifted.  The kids looked up.  A big green ceiling sheltered them.  
Brian came and unlocked the door.  The kids tumbled in exhausted.  
"Thank you, Joshua and Brian," they cheered.
Joshua smiled and leaped away revealing sunny skies in his wake.
The End

P.T. - Great job, guys!  Have fun expanding, changing, or illustrating your stories.  It was a pleasure writing with you.


The Day The Lights Went Out!
by the 3rd and 4th grade students

A clap of thunder echoed into the hallway of school.  The rain pounded on the roof. Then the lights went out.
"Yeah!" said Taylon.
Larcey said, "Darn. Now I can't finish my homework."  
But Lilly screamed, "Ahhh!"
Joshua the Giant Frog heard the scream and leaped over to school and peered in.  Everybody yelled, "Joshua, help us!"
As fast as a cheetah, Joshua's tongue flicked out and grabbed the fallenn power pole and pulled it up.
The lights popped on.
"Hooray!" they cheered, and ran outside to thank Joshua the Giant Frog.
The End

P.T. - I know we didn't have a lot of time to write this, but you have a lot to work with.  Think about other things that could happen when the lights go out.  What is Joshua doing so near school?  What is the reaction when they see his big eye peering in the window?  How could you make the situation worse before it gets better?  Have fun with it and let me know how it turns out. 


The Surprise Spring Flood
by the 4th graders

The daffodils' yellow blooms nodded in the warm breeze. Abiel kicked the soccer ball and said, "I love Spring!"  But then the Earth shook.  A wall of water flooded the street. 
"Ahhh!" Talita ran.
Abiel grabbed the ball and followed her. 
They banged on the school doors, but they were locked.
"Go underground," Chris yelled as he started to dig.
Shafik grabbed Chris's shirt and said, "Climb up!"
Now the water flowed around their knees. "Help!" they called.
And soon they heard, "Splish, SPLASH, SPLOOSH!" Joshua the Giant Frog leaped onto the roof. 
With a flick of his tongue - as fast as a rocket - he grabbed Talita and plopped her on the roof.  Then he grabbed all the boys in one big lick, and they tumbled onto the roof, slimy and alive.
"Thank you," they cheered.  "You saved us!"

The End

P.T. - "That was a lot of fun, kids!  Now you can add to it, make it more exciting with scary details, and, if we haven't already, put yourself into the story. Have fun! " 

St. Mary's School

Joshua’s Snowy Day
by the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

The snow sparkled as the sun rose.  Would there be school? JT wondered.  All the kids pulled on their boots and slipped on their coats and headed outside.  
“Boom, BOOM, BOOM!” The earth shook.
“Ahhhh! We’re going to die!” cried Catherine.  
“No,” said Joe, “I think something is coming. Look!”
Everyone saw a giant wall of green land in front of them. “Slam!” A car slid off the road.
“Oh no. Here comes a school bus,” Peggy said.
“It’s headed for that ditch,” said Shelby.
On board, the kids screamed, “Help!”
“Hurry Joshua, save them,” said Ashley.
As fast as a hawk, Joshua leaped over and landed in the ditch.  But the bus was going too fast.  It hit Joshua and flew in the air.  
Faster than the speed of light, Joshua’s tongue flicked out and grabbed the bus.  He placed it gently on the ground.  
Kathryn staggered off the bus, wiped slime off her face, and said, “Thank you, Joshua. You saved us.” 

Sorry guys, I mistakenly took the sloppy copy with me.  But you can still add to your story, change it, or illustrate it.  Have Fun!

Lewiston Public Library

Joshua Goes to Lewiston
Michael M. and Nicholas F. 
at a recent visit to the Lewiston Public Library

The sun made Michael sweat as he swung on his swing set.  Nicholas rode his bike up Michael’s driveway.  
Suddenly the earth shook.  Nicholas fell off his bike, then heard “Boom, BOOM, BOOM!”
“What is that?”  Nicholas asked, while he picked up his bike.  
A giant shadow blocked out the sun.  Joshua the Giant Frog loomed over the boys.  His tongue zipped out as fast as a jet, and slurped up Michael’s whole house.
“Hey! Give that back!” Michael said.
But Joshua didn’t listen.  
Nicholas held up a squirrel and said, “Eat this instead.”
But Joshua didn’t do it.
Michael and Nicholas found a bunch of feathers and tickled Joshua’s nose and belly.  
Joshua sniffed and snuffled.  He laughed and let out a big, enormous sneeze. “AHH CHOO!” The house flew out of Joshua’s mouth and landed safely in just the right spot. 
“Hooray!” Michael and Nicholas cheered.  

The End

This story was created by Michael who is in First Grade and Nicholas in Kindergarten.  Nicholas had the energy and Michael was the idea man.  Together they did an awesome job coming up with a lead, a conflict, and different ways to solve the problem.  Great job, guys! --  P.T.

Country Parkway Elementary School

Joshua's Trick or Treat
by the 2nd grade students at Country Parkway

The Queen of Hearts ran up to the giant Ipod and said, "That's a great costume."  The jack-o-lanterns glowed on the porch as the kids rang the doorbell. "Trick or treat."
From behind them they heard, "AAHHHHHH! Help me!"  Sofia, dressed as a giant butterfly, raced down the street.
Then the earth shook.  "Thump... THUMP.... THUMP!" Joshua the Giant Frog hopped into view.  His tongue flicked as fast as a bullet at Sofia's wings.
"Oh no. Joshua thinks Sofia is a real butterfly."
Jacob, dressed as Darth Vader brandished his light saber, and a Bumblebee waved her stinger.  But Joshua kept chasing Sofia.
"Quick, get all of your candy in a pile," said Ipod.  
All the kids dumped their candy in the middle of the street.  The pile grew taller than a sky scraper.  "Joshua!" they called.
Joshua turned to see the mountain of chocolate and sugar, and his tongue lapped it up.  
Poor Sofia dragged her broken wings back to town.  
Joshua handed her a Hershey candy bar to say he was sorry.
"Thank you," she said.  
"Happy Halloween everybody!"

The End

Super job, guys!  You had lots of great ideas. Sorry we could not fit them all in this story, but you can now work on one of your own.  Try using the "magic three".  Try three different ways to rescue Sofia, each one crazier than the last.  The third time you are successful. This builds suspense. -- P.T.  

Gorham Elementary School

Stuck in School
by the 3rd graders

All the kids grabbed their backpacks and rushed outside.  
"Let's go have some fun," said Molly, eager for the weekend.  She hopped on a bus right behind Michael.
"Wait. This isn't your bus."
Molly got off and went back inside.  Boom, BOOM, BOOM!
The earth shook. "Oh my gosh!" screamed Emily. 
A great shadow fell over the school. "What's happening?" asked Jacob.
"The door is blocked.  We can't get out," said Jenna. 
Outside, Justin lit his rocket with a fly inside.  "He'll chase it," he said.  
But Joshua the Giant Frog did not.
"That was only 1 fly.  We need lots of flies," said Gavin.
But even a thousand flies weren't appetizing enough for Joshua.
Michael then pulled his Aladdin's lamp out of his backpack.  "I wish, I wish for a date for Joshua."
"Poof!" Joshuaina appeared.  Joshua garrumphed and away they hopped.
"We're free!" all the kids cheered.  "Have a good weekend and thank you, Joshua."

The End

   "Cool" Joshua
by the 4th graders

The daffodils waved in the breeze as the kids got on the bus.  "Can't wait to get to the pond," said Cate.
"I'm hot," Jonathan whined. He wiped his sweaty brow.
"Eeew! You stink," said Cerena to Collyn.
"We all stink," he said pinching his nose.
"We need help!" Aaliyah shouted out the window.
Suddenly a shadow fell over the stinky bus. 
"It's Joshua the Giant Frog. He can help us," said Allie. "He can fan us with a tree."
But the leaves fell off with one swipe.
"I'm still hot," said Collyn.
Joshua huffed and puffed and blew through the windows. "It's worse now," said Peggy.
Joshua did the only thing he could think of.  He wrapped his long, cool tongue around everyone.
"That feels much better!" Everyone cheered. "Thank you!"

The End

Maplemere Elementary (Sweet Home)

Joshua's Lunch
by the fourth graders

The sun shone on the bunnies warming their new Spring coats. "Oh," said Amber. "I wish I could take a bunny home."
Sniff, sniff.  "What's that smell?" Jordyn asked.  
"Smells like a pond," said Renas pinching her nose.
"Is that bunny green?" asked Cameron. But before anyone could answer, the Big Green Bunny was on top of him.  "It's a frog!" he grunted.
Joshua lifted his foot and Cameron crawled out.  "Mrs. L. is still under there," he cried.
Everyone pushed and pulled at Joshua's green hide.  Joshua didn't budge.
Joshua (the kid) said, "Try a game of tag. Run around."
But Joshua didn't know tag.
Just then the lunch lady said, "The French Fries are ready." 
Joshua's tongue flicked out as fast as a gold medal track runner.  His stomach gurgled as loud as kids at recess.  Joshua the Giant Frog leaped up and chomped on the corner of the cafeteria.   Mrs. L. leaped up and said, "Thank you, kids.  French Fries for everyone."  
The End

Elmwood Village Charter School (Buffalo, NY)
The Day Joshua Got Stuck 
by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders

The kids drooped over the railing at school. "I'm too hot to work," moaned Shanti.
Then the floor shook. "Boom,  BOOM, BOOM!:
"Aaahhh!" Gino screamed and ducked into a supply closet.  
The other kids ran outside. Steam floated up from the pavement.  Suddenly the sky went black.  Joshua the Giant Frog leaped onto the skylight.  
"Creak... CRASH!"
"Joshua's stuck," said Jason.
"We need to get him out," Angelina said. "I know, get some butter." 
But that didn't work.  It left a melty goo over the building.
Seagulls flocked to the dripping butter.
"That's it," said Soliegh. "Harness the seagulls."
But they nibbled through the ropes.
Meanwhile, Gino busted out of the supply closet, bumping into the water main faucet as he broke the door.  Water gushed, quickly filling the atrium.  It rose higher and higher, and Joshua began to float. "Pop!" He was free.
All the kids followed Gino as he leaped into their new swimming pool. "Thanks Joshua!" they cheered. "And Gino too."

The End

Excellent job, guys!  In this story we used the "Magic 3."  The kids tried 3 times to get Joshua out of his jam.  Now see if you can stretch the truth a little more.  The water rose higher than a ....what?  Or the kids ran outside as fast as a.....?  Have fun!

Chestnut Ridge Elementary School (Chili, NY)
Joshua Saves the Day
by the 3rd and 4th graders

The sun reflected off the empty school windows, and the dandelions wilted under the summer heat.  
"Boom, Boom, BOOM!"  The trees crashed to the ground.  
Brandon screamed, "Ahhh! What is that?"
A giant green head appeared above the building. "Oh, it's just Joshua," said Christopher."
Joshua the giant frog hopped out of the woods and landed ...  CRASH right on the school.
Sarah cheered. "Hurray! No more school/"
The building creaked and groaned.  Then a voice rose out of the rubble. "Help!"
"It's David and Ted," cried Fred.  "They're trapped."
As fast as a fighter jet racing lightning, Joshua flicked out his tongue, grabbed Ted and pulled him out.
"What about David?" asked Ted dripping with frog spit.
Then Joshua lifted the roof and David leaped out.  "I'm free," he said. "Joshua saved the day."

The end

Stevenson Elementary (Ransomville, NY)

Joshua Saves Halloween 
by the 4th grade students at Stevenson Elementary 

The scarecrow decoration was soggy and the rain put out the jack-o-lantern's light. 
"It's too wet to go trick or treating," said Nathaniel wringing out his Charlie Brown costume.  
"Just bring an umbrella," said Kayla. 
The kids all tramped out of Stevenson Elementary. 
The earth shook. "Boom, BOOM, BOOM!"
Earthquake! yelled Matthew hiding behind a pumpkin.
"No time to hide. Run!" said Jared.
Kayla C. shrugged her shoulders.  "It's just Joshua."  
A bolt of lightning hit right at Justin's feet.  
The sky went black.  Joshua loomed over them.  A tornado hit. Cars flew everywhere.  "Watch out!" they all cried running for cover.
Kayla C. waved her witch's broom and called, "Over here. Everyone get under Joshua."  
Everyone but Matthew was safe.  He still was cowering behind the pumpkin.  
As fast as a cheetah, Joshua flicked out his tongue and pulled Matthew to safety.  
Hurray!" they cheered.  "You saved us, Joshua."

the end

The Haunted School
by the 5th graders at Stevenson El.

Leaves blew off the trees as the children huddled outside Stevenson Elementary.  The house next door moaned and the headstone decorations loomed out of the earth. 
"Let's get going," said Ethan.  "It's time to go trick-or-treating."
"What was that?" asked Cierra.  "I saw someone inside the school."
"Nobody should be in there. It's locked," said Georgia.  
"There it is again," said Emily.  "Whoever it is, they don't have a head!"
"And they shouldn't be in there," Jenna said brandishing her cave woman club.  "Let's get them out."  She crashed through a window, but got stuck.
"Get out of there.  It's coming!"  Emily screamed as she shivered in the cold.  The headless figure approached.
"Garrumph!" echoed in the night.
"Hurry, Joshua," said Ethan.  "Can you get Jenna out?"
As fast as a bullet Joshua's tongue flicked out and yanked Jenna to safety.
"What is going on? asked the headless form.  It was Mr. Cancilla in a headless horseman costume.

The end

Joshua comes to Stevenson Elementary
started by the 3rd graders at Stevenson Elementary

Alicia leaned her chin on her hand and moaned.  "This is boring."
The raindrops pounded on the roof and no one could go outside.
Just then the lights went out.  "Oh no," said Jon. "Now we can't....

I am so sorry that we ran out of time and did not get to finish your story.  But this is a great beginning.  What happens next?  Write the rest of the story and email it to me.  I'll add it to the website.   
Pegtwrite [insert the @symbol] .  Please put "student story" in the subject space.  HAPPY WRITING!

Nathaiel Hawthorne Elementary

Joshua Saves Halloween at School #25
by the fourth graders at Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary

The jack-o-lanterns glowed as the kids gathered in front of school.  Jaekwon hung up the last bat on the door and said, "Now, let's go trick or treating."
Jamal, wearing his Ninja costume, led the way.  As they crossed the bridge, they heard a deep "garrumph," and the earth shook. 
Zaejurr screamed, "Ahhh! What was that?"  He turned and stared at one of Joshua's big green eyeballs.  With a splash, Joshua hopped up drenching everyone's costumes.  
"Oh Joshua! You've ruined Halloween," they all yelled.
Joshua thought for a moment then took a deep breath and "Whewww!" He blew everyone dry.
"Can you give us a ride?" asked Terrence.
Joshua bowed down low to let the kids climb on. 
"Hurray!" they cheered.  "This is the best Halloween ever."

The End

Joshua and the Snowball
by the fourth graders at Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary

Everyone was bundled in their warmest coats making snowballs and snowmen.  Suddenly the earth shook.  "Ahhh! screamed Karon. "It's an earthquake."
Naisha said, "No, it's just Joshua."
Joshua leaped up and landed on top of a hill.  Everyone watched in horror as he started to roll.  He gathered snow as he went.  
He rolled over Adeosun. 
He rolled over Gino.
He rolled over Jocousiz.
"BANG!"  The giant snowball landed splat against the school.  All the kids flew through the windows and landed in their seats.
"Just in time," said Miss Kellman.  "Take out your pencils.  We are having a test."  

The End

Joshua's First Thanksgiving
by the third and fourth graders at 
Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary

"Mmmm! That turkey smells good," said Alex as he set a big bowl of stuffing on the long table.  
Kentrayl hung the last cornstalk and Alizzette blew up the last balloon.  "It looks beautiful," she said.  "This will be the best Thanksgiving ever."
"Boom, BOOM, BOOM!"  The earth shook.
"Ahhh!" Kylee screamed. "What is that?"
Dayquan banged into the table as the quake got worse.
"Oh, it's just Joshua," said Celina as she looked out the window.  
As Joshua leaped toward school his foot caught on the little candycorn lights and all went black.  He fell into the table, knocked over the corn and squashed the turkey.
"Oh no!" they cried.  "It's ruined." 
Joshua frowned then bounded off.  Two minutes later he came back with two turkeys, twice as much corn, and all the stuffing they could want.
"Hurray," they cheered. "This is the best Thanksgiving ever."

The End

Oakfield-Alabama Summer School 

Joshua’s Adventure in Oakfield

By Colleen, Brenden, Colin and Nathan, 
the students in Mr. Thomas’s summer school class (8/2009)

The clouds rolled in and rumbled.  “Ping…ping…ping, ping, ping!” The hail bounced off the roof and bus as the kids got off at school.
“Run!” yelled Brenden covering his head.
“The hail is the size of fully loaded mini vans!” Nathan shouted as one almost hit him.  
They all crowded inside school as the hail pounded the pavement.  
Mrs. Thomas said, “Oh no! We’re trapped!”  Hail was covering the windows and blocking the door. 
Suddenly they heard, “Garrumph!  Garrumph!” 
“Yea!” Colin cheered. “Someone has come to rescue us.”
Mounds of hail were pushed aside [by something large and green] and Colleen said, “It’s a giant green frog!
“It’s Joshua!” said Mrs. Thomas.  “He is plowing the hail away.”  With each Garrumph his throat cleared a path.  
“We are free! Colleen said opening the door.  
“Thank you !” They all cheered and Joshua gave them all a ride home.

The End

Iroquois Intermediate School

Joshua Goes to Iroquois Intermediate
by the 4th graders at I. I.

The bare trees weighed heavily under the thick snow as the children trudged to school.  
"I hope I pass my test," John said.
"Maybe they'll close school before we have the test," said Peggy.
"I hope so too," said Owen as he opened the door for everyone.  
Suddenly the earth shook. "Boom, Boom, BOOM!"  A shadow fell over the school. 
"What was that?"  Jamie asked as he grabbed the wall to stop from falling.  
["I think Joshua is here," Peggy said.]
"Whoosh!"  A giant wave of white snow crashed down on the school.
"Ahhhh!" Colton screamed.  The lights dimmed and went out.
"What are we going to do?" asked Miss Chenowski.
"I don't know," said Anna. "But I think we're going to find out."
They heard [Joshua] huff and a puff, and John said, "Hey, look.  The snow is melting."  
And as fast as a disappearing leprechaun, the snow melted off the school.  
Mrs. Ickenflack announced, "We're saved!  Every one line up."
They all marched out of the school and thanked Joshua for saving their lives.

The End!

Joshua Goes to Elma, NY
by the 3rd graders at Elma Primary

The school bus pulled up and all the kids dashed off in a sea of green.  It was Frog Appreciation Day.
"Why couldn't I be sick today?" said Trinity.
"Yeah, me too," said Seamus.  "I hate frogs."  
"You are weird," said Sienna waving her pet frog in his face.  "Frogs are great!"
Boom, Boom, BOOM.  The earth shook and the forest trees toppled.  Joshua had arrived.  
"Trinity screamed, "AHH!"
Seamus ran down the road.  
Joshua the Giant Frog saw a truck coming and as fast as a cheetah, he flicked out his tongue and grabbed Seamus and pulled him to safety.
"Thank you," said Seamus, flicking the warm frog slobber from his cheek.  "I guess frogs are not so bad after all."

The End.

Joshua Visits Wales, NY
by the 3rd grades at Wales Primary

The bus pulled up in front of school and dozens of children piled out.
"I can't wait to go to Niagara Falls," said Emma.
"Boom, Boom, BOOM!" The earth shook.  
"What's going on?" asked Josh.
The sky grew dark and CRASH, Joshua landed on top of the bus.  
"Oh no!" Lucas cried.  "Now we can't go on our fieldtrip."
Joshua looked at all the sad faces and had an idea.  He bent low and flat.
Lauren said, "Climb on.  Joshua will take us."
So they all climbed on his back and as fast as lightning Joshua the Giant Frog leaped as high as a sky scraper.  They landed just in time to get on the Maid of the Mist.
The End!

Joshua Goes To Oakfield
by 3rd graders at Oakfield-Alabama ElementarySchool 

     Nick squinted up at the bright sun as he galloped to school.  His class was going on a field trip.  The bus was already waiting in the driveway.
     Suddenly the earth shook, and Nick heard a big, "GARRUMPH!"  Joshua the giant frog landed "CRUNCH!" right on the bus.
    "That was a close call," said Steve the bus driver as he came out of school.
     "Oh my gosh!" said Alexa.  "Now we can't go."
     Joshua had an idea.  He kicked the bus out of the way and crouched down low.
     "Climb on everybody," Nick said.
     And they hopped off to Niagara Falls.

     THE END

Joshua Saves the Day
by 4th graders at Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School 

     The summer breeze tickled the dandelions in the field.  Farmer Haily searched the horizon for her friend who promised to help on the farm.
     The earth shook.  A shadow fell over the earth.  Joshua had arrived.
     A fuzzy rabbit nibbling on the crops looked up and hollered, "YIKES! That's the biggest frog I've ever seen."
     Farmer Haily picked herself up off the ground and moaned, "Oh, my beautiful field!"
     It was flattened.  All the potato crops were mashed.  Farmer Haily cried, "I'm ruined."
     But Joshua had an idea.  He hopped over to Lamb's farm and with his tongue as fast as lightening flicked out and grabbed a cow.
     Back at the field he squeezed the cow and mixed the milk and butter with the potatoes.
     Farmer Haily invited everyone in town to come for dinner.  "Thank you, Joshua!" she said.
     THE END!

Joshua Visits South Buffalo Charter School

by the 2nd and 3rd graders at SBCS

Jackie grumbled as Erin bumped into her and didn’t say, “Sorry.”  Jayden wouldn’t share his lunch with Hayley.  Everybody was grumpy! No one had slept all night.  
Just as Brittany was going to tell on Justin, the windows rattled.  They heard, “Boom, Boom, BOOM!”
Danny ran outside to see what was happening, Katie hid under her desk, and Malik yelled, “Be quiet!”
But the noise grew louder.  Joshua peeked into a classroom window.  “Hey, it’s Joshua.”  Everybody cheered.  
Tori had a great idea.  “Let’s slide down his back.”  
Everyone lined up and took turns, and helped each other climb up.  No one was grumpy anymore.

The End

Joshua Visits SBCS

by the 4th and 5th graders of SBCS

The ice hung thickly from Asia’s nose as she walked to school through 2 feet of snow.  Just when she thought she couldn’t take one more step, she heard, “Boom, Boom, BOOM!”
Her friend Elizabeth gasped.  Trevor screamed, “AHHH,” as Joshua landed right in front of school.  
A brick fell off.  Then another.  Soon the whole wall was tumbling down.  Everyone shivered as the snow drifted in. 
As fast as the speed of light, Joshua flicked out his tongue and covered all the shivering children with warm gooey slobber.

The End

Students' Stories

During school visits I like to write with students to model good writing techniques – Setting the scene, creating   characters, constructing a conflict and finding a way for Joshua the Giant Frog to save the day.  Then we exaggerate,  stretch the truth and show the action unfold.

In the process, the kids get to see that I make mistakes, cross out words, and sometimes have to check my spelling.  Within fifteen minutes and with everyone’s suggestions, we manage to write a “sloppy copy.” After I leave, the teachers and students can then revise the stories and make them better adding more detail, dialogue and action.