If you read my bio, you'll know that my mother is Margery Facklam, award-winning children's book writer. Besides being my mom she is also my professional mentor, and I am proud to bring you all of her best advice as well as mine on how to break into publishing so you too, can become a children's author.

We came to publishing through nonfiction, which is the most abundant and most sought after form of writing.  For every one fiction publishing opportunity there are eight nonfiction opportunities.  And we firmly believe that every writer has a nonfiction story that they can tell.  It may be a how-to article about their hobby, a travel piece from a recent vacation, a memoir, or a nonfiction book based on some aspect of their 9-5 job.  Whatever your passion, we know you can create an interesting nonfiction story. 

From Anatomy of Nonficton -- "We came to think of writing nonfiction as a body of knowledge and we attempted to carefully dissect its working parts. Nonfiction is a simple beast, really. In its most basic form it consists of a skeleton of accurate information, the flesh and blood of story, the heart of the writer, and the muscle of marketing. Subspecies have been identified—biography, how-to, and science—but their survival and success depend on these basics."

Learn how to make your nonfiction come to life.  With advice and examples from dozens of award-winning authors such as William Zinsser, Jim Murphy, Jim Giblin, Carla McClafferty, Trudi Trueit, and many more, we will help you discover how to develop your ideas into marketable projects, how to uncover the facts that will make your story different, and how to craft that story into a book or article no young reader can resist. 
Anatomy of Nonfiction
What People are Saying:

"If you write nonfiction for children, or want to write nonfiction for children, you need this book."
- Review by Harold Underdown

"Anatomy of Nonfiction is a delightful treasure trove--conversational and up-to-date, insightful and savvy. A must-read for all lovers of youth literature, whether nonfiction is their specialty or not."
--New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Cynthia Leitich Smith

"I met Marge when we were both on the faculty of the Highlights Writers Workshop at Chautauqua.  When I sat in on one of her sessions, I was surprised that she not only filled it with immensely usable tips on how to write better nonfiction articles and books, but also with many amusing anecdotes about her own writing experiences.  These gave her presentation a warm, personal touch.  The same qualities mark ANATOMY OF NONFICTION, the book she has written in collaboration with her da ughter and fellow nonfiction writer, Peggy Thomas.  They make it a special sort of how-to book, one that will be valuable both to aspiring writers and to those with numerous publishing credits." 

-- James Cross Giblin, Award-winning writer of Good Brother, Bad Brother: the story of Edvin Booth and John Wilkes Booth